• Sensear’s SmartGroup products are an industry-leading solution for companies who conduct facility, factory and plant tours or training sessions in noisy environments. Sensear's patented SENS® technology enhances speech and suppresses background noise so users can communicate face-to-face safely and effectively in noisy environments. These wireless high noise headsets with built-in short-range radio communications come in various wearing styles: Headband, Behind-the-Neck, Helmet Mount.

    SmartGroup is a completely customizable build-your-own solution to meet your needs: Select the number of Leader headsets and the number of Student headsets, it’s also highly recommended to purchase a programming tablet for further customization capabilities.

  • Williams AV is making inclusion easier for all with the new real-time Language Translation System, Convey Video. Through the power of Al, Convey Video has the ability to translate in many languages and even more dialects and display subtitles over a video feed.
  • The Annotation Pro performs as a multi-faceted annotation system, allowing annotation and highlighting capabilities on any live video source, as well as providing a digital whiteboard on demand.
  • The Annotation Pro Plus (AN C5 P) includes HDCP support and access to the Annotation Control app.
  • 4-slot charging bay for WaveCAST Receivers and Digi-Wave DLT 400 and DLR 400 RCH. Includes Power Supply.
  • The Digi-Wave™ system is a digital spread-spectrum (DSS), simultaneous two-way wireless listening system. Using it’s frequency-hopping algorithm, it avoids interference and is a very secure method of communication. The Digi-Wave communication system allows users to listen and talk to one another wirelessly in a variety of scenarios. Great for use during training, presentations and tours, especially in houses of worship, classrooms, and healthcare facilities. The DLR 400 ALK uses alkaline batteries. If a rechargeable version is preferred, see the DLR 400 RCH.
  • Rack Panel Kit. Mounts one transmitter or modulator (1/2 space product) in one IEC rack space.
  • Rack Panel Kit. Mounts two transmitters or two modulators in one IEC rack space. Linking bars, included (not pictured), are used to fasten the two devices together. Ears (pictured) fasten one side of each device to the rack.
  • Power supply for WaveCAST, WaveCAST EIGHT, and FM+ systems.
  • Wi-Fi assistive listening system with 12 Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi assistive listening system with Dante input and 12 Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi assistive listening system with 24 Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi assistive listening system with Dante input and 24 Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi assistive listening system with 3 Wi-Fi receivers.
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