– As a woman-owned enterprise, Continental Wireless is one of the largest full service, premier integrators and resellers of communication equipment in the USA.

Continental Wireless Products

  • Two Way Radios – Complete line of quality digital and analog portables, mobiles, repeaters, two way radios, walkie talkies, and pagers from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, and Hytera for a variety of applications.
  • Accessories – Continental Wireless offers all of the accessories, networking solutions, applications and peripherals needed to optimize the performance of your two-way radios and other wireless communications systems.
  • Headsets – Complete line of standard headsets and adapters in a variety of styles for firefighting, EMS and rescue operations, law enforcement, construction, manufacturing and industrial applications.
  • Console Systems – Consoles are self-contained radio dispatching units that control single or multiple base stations. Motorola offers a variety of console configurations to meet the needs of dispatch centers from a simple desktop to a large multi position console configuration.
  • Broadband Wireless – Innovative Solutions create a new ecosystem of secure LTE broadband and deliver the coverage and capacity you need. Anywhere, anytime.
  • Satellite Phones – Also known as sat phones. Satellite phones work globally from pole to pole in every remote region of the world. With sat phones, do business and stay connected with extensive coverage on all continents and excellent voice quality.
  • Mass Notification (LNS) – We offer a system that can provide automated or manual lightning notification with audible and visual notification to field workers. Our solution utilizes wireless technology to activate indicators that can save lives.
  • Touring Guide – One-Way and Two-Way audio guide systems to enhance clear communication for industrial touring

Continental Wireless Services

  • Repair Services – Continental Wireless is an authorized repair facility for all of our major vendors, including but not Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Hytera, David Clark, Peltor, Smith Detection Systems, and more.
  • Field Services – Continental Wireless handles a wide array of field service needs for two way radio communication.
  • Engineering Solutions  – Our technical services team is staffed by highly-experienced, factory-trained wireless professionals. By performing site walks, technical reviews and customer meetings, we can evaluate your system and recommend the most effective plan for improving performance.
  • Consulting – Continental Wireless can provide architectural and engineering (A&E) design services for communications sites.
  • Telecom Site Design – When it comes to Telecom Sites, we can provide architectural and engineering drawings for raw land, existing structures and/or rooftop additions in accordance with the specifications provided by the customer. We understand the importance of design that is compliant with existing regulatory codes, industry standards and FAA/FCC regulations.
  • System Provisioning Integration – Our team ensures that wireless equipment integrates within your functional operations and communicates efficiently. We are experts at wireless communications, interoperability, system expansion, enhancing capabilities as well as managing analog-to-digital migration.
  • Staffing Specialist – Our organizational structure provides the ability to augment key staff quickly in order to meet the dynamic requirements of any project across the United States. When there is a need to pull in additional human resources, we leverage our pool of qualified subcontractors to make sure that all quality standards are met without any compromise and always on time.
  • Device Management – Ensure peak performance of your devices with software updates, premium features, and hardware repair services.
  • FCC Licensing – Continental Wireless can relieve you of the task by working with a licensing coordinator to ensure you are covered. We are available to help you with new license applications, renewals, modifications, relocations, construction notification filings, and any other licensing needs.

About Continental Wireless – We are one of the largest full service, premier integrators and resellers of communication equipment in the country.  Our account base consists of large and small corporations, but to us, each and every client plays an important role in our success. Volume purchasing is only one of your benefits in doing business with us.  As a woman-owned enterprise we take a consultative, listen first approach to our customer’s needs that far surpasses price alone.


  • Airports/Seaports – Airports and Seaports play critical roles in a thriving global economy. Wireless solutions help improve operational efficiency while delivering better information, leading to better decisions and better outcomes. And situational awareness ensures perimeter security and proper access control, providing a safe, secure environment.
  • Construction – Construction: Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost, and Go Green with Motorola Two-way Radios
  • Education – Enhance campus connectivity, productivity, safety & security for a better learning environment. Technology makes it possible to extend learning far beyond the classroom. From lab to dorm room, Motorola offers proven wireless solutions to cover every facet of campus life.
  • Federal and Government Services – Motorola securely connects people, assets and data to help the government achieve enterprise mobility. Learn about the latest advances in mobility that include voice, data, video, broadband, biometrics, RFID and more.
  • Fire/Emergency Services – Motorola delivers communication solutions that allow fire and emergency service departments to focus on their mission — and not worry about the technology.
  • Healthcare – Extend mobility to the point of care and beyond with solutions that combine Motorola’s world-class mobility products and healthcare software applications from our partners. Our healthcare solutions allow you to share real-time information anywhere, inside or outside the facility, for increased patient safety and more attentive care.
  • Hospitality – In the hospitality industry details count. Rooms must be spotless. Dinner checks need to be delivered quickly and accurately. And nobody enjoys waiting in line. Equip your staff with mobile voice and data solutions and they can provide superior service on a consistent basis.
  • Manufacturing – Improve inventory positions, lower operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction. Respond quickly to customer demands, increase inventory turns, improve line-level accuracy and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements. Utilize our two-way radios, mobile computers, bar code scanning, radio frequency identification technologies and wireless LAN connectivity with partner applications to achieve total visibility.
  • Law Enforcement – Law enforcement communications and police communications are essential assets to the safety and security initiatives in any community. Advancing police communications allow law enforcement to be more mobile and more rapidly respond to issues. Motorola offers an extensive product line to enhance law enforcement communications with less paperwork and faster, highly reliable performance.
  • Public Administration – Motorola provides the solutions for more efficient municipal, county and state governments so your residents can expect better service and faster response.
  • Petrochemical – In our energy-hungry world, the need for oil is at an all-time high. Global consumption is up, with oil and gas comprising 57 percent. Finding new oil is getting more expensive and involves more extreme exploration. How can you meet the challenge safely while still staying competitive? Next generation communication solutions can bridge the gap between supply and demand. They enable better decision-making for greater safety and productivity.
  • Transportation / Logistics – Whether by air, ground or sea, access to real-time data is critical. With specialized technology designed for each logistical category, you can accelerate productivity, profitability and operations.
  • Retail – With solutions designed to maximize profits and deliver results, you can actively manage the floor, give customers product information on demand, track inventory in real-time and optimize checkout.
  • Utilities – Extending information to the point of activity delivers new efficiencies with secure, cost effective, reliable voice and data communications. Drive performance and customer service levels up and interruptions down.
  • Wholesale Distribution – Whether you’re a wholesaler of durable or non-durable goods, using technology to work smarter can mean the difference between profit and loss.
  • Public Safety – Whether you are a local, state or federal government agency you need reliable communications you can depend on to get the job done. Today, next generation technologies are transforming public safety operations and strengthening the mission critical core with broadband connections, rich-media applications, and collaborative devices. Explore our collection of insightful perspectives from thought leaders, instant updates from government and industry analysts and the latest news and resources. Read on and keep up.

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