Telecommunication Products

Two-Way Radio, Walkie Talkie, BDA/DAS in-building antenna, and Other Wireless Solutions

Continental Wireless has the most reliable products available on the market today. As an authorized dealer, we have access to cutting edge communication equipment and engineering expertise.

Two way radios
Complete line of quality analog and digital portables, mobiles, repeaters, dispatch consoles, and more from all the leading manufacturers including but not limited to Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, and ICOM.
Accessories to meet all of your communication needs. Performance-matched headsets, speaker microphones, earpieces, spare batteries, chargers, and carrying accessories for every application.
Complete line of standard headsets, adapters, headset accessories, and replacement parts in a variety of styles for first responders, avionics, construction, manufacturing, education, and industrial & touring applications.
In-bldg wireless/signal booster developed to enhance emergency first responder radio (ERRCS), & cellular coverage. Designed to meet all building codes and compliance when the ability to communicate is critical.
A variety of console configurations are scalable for both conventional, trunked, P25 dispatch, and desktop solutions. Keeping you connected through customized and personalized voice, video, and data.
Maximize the functionality of your digital two-way radio communications and wireless devices.  From repeaters to gateways and controllers, we can integrate your back end system, increase your wide-area footprint, offering solutions that can be scalable.
State-of-the-art solutions for smarter and safer facilities with Video Surveillance Systems and Analytics.
We help Public Safety professionals respond faster with reliable wireless communications and video surveillance solutions that increase teamwork, and efficiency.
Satellite phone
Satellite phones are designed to work flawlessly in all weather conditions. Enable voice, messaging, and data services anywhere on earth no matter how remote.
Touring guide
One-Way and Two-Way audio guide systems to enhance clear communication for industrial touring
Broadband, Data
Innovative Solutions create a new ecosystem of secure LTE broadband, wireless networks, and devices for state-of-the-art solutions – delivering the coverage and capacity you need. Anywhere, anytime.
Duress Solutions
When every moment counts, location accuracy via a mobile duress solution is key for a quick and reliable emergency response.​ Duress solutions create a safe environment with the simple touch of a button, a message over a loudspeaker, a standalone network, or many other scalable solutions.