Continental Wireless can provide architectural and engineering (A&E) design services for communications sites. We have experience with raw land sites, existing towers, utility poles, water tanks and rooftop design. We understand the importance implementing a design that is compliant with regulatory codes, industry standards and FAA/FCC regulations.

Identifying the “RIGHT SITE” requires a thorough understanding of the process beginning with zoning, subdivision and site plan as well as permitting. We help our clients by employing a systematic process of site evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation process is to define the critical path and potential obstacles to quickly determine if the site is practical to pursue.

We can complete a detailed study of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), county and local maps for a specified search ring and identify potential sites based on ground elevations and accessibility. We determine all controlling jurisdictions/entities and gather information to establish zoning contact, allowed uses and zoning time-frames. Our team will drive or walk each potential site to confirm map observations and visit local tax assessor offices to identify ownership along with zoning ordinances. We develop and recommend a zoning approval strategy to be submitted as a zoning analysis report.

Negotiating the “RIGHT SITE” requires the experience to simplify the process. We can provide lease exhibits that document site specific attributes (i.e. antenna locations, telco and power service entrance, coax routes, equipment specifications, site layout, the point of connection for the dry utilities, etc.) to communicate with site owners and structure a deal memo.

We can provide a site acquisition specialist to conduct onsite meetings with the site manager, surveyor and any stakeholders at the site lockdown. This allows the team to physically inspect the candidate location and to finalize site specific design attributes. Our representative will bring copies of the general site configuration drawing at the site lockdown meeting to review site considerations related to site acquisition, zoning and permitting.
CWI will follow up with the implementation management, real estate, risk management, environmental compliance and legal teams to assist in clearing up any business questions concerning the deal made with the landlord; ensure the party signing the lease on behalf of landlord has the authority to do so; prepare lease, lease exhibits, memorandum of lease and other such documents required to secure a site lease with access and/or utility easements.
Permitting the “RIGHT SITE” requires the appropriate approvals (including conditional use permits, variances, site plan permits) and oversight of the entire land use entitlement process. We will attend planning meetings, zoning hearings, community meetings and public hearings in reference to the selected site. As part of the building permit process, we collect, organize and deliver all land use approval documentation including, but not limited to, land use application, exhibits, drawings, lists, visuals, mailings, approvals, permits, complete environmental record, correspondence, notes, submissions or their equivalent. We can also obtain a survey of the property and title report for access and utility easement properties, if required.
In designing the “RIGHT SITE”, We will assign a project manager as a single point of contact for the project who will provide a preliminary project schedule and construction budget. We will present the client with design alternatives that achieve the technical requirement within physical environmental constraints of the site. Based on customer feedback, our team will finalize a set of construction plans, drawings and documentation to move the project to the next phase. The design package will describe the project characteristics as to architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and such other elements as appropriate.
Based on the approved design package and any scope adjustments authorized by the client, we will prepare drawings and specifications set forth in the detailed requirements for the construction of the project (“Construction Documents”). CWI provides Construction Management services to ensure the site build meets the requirements and is completed in an efficient manner. Unknown issues often creep into the construction phase but our professional staff has the experience to resolve issues quickly to keep the project on schedule.
• Site Acquisition
• Lease Exhibits
• Zoning
• Permitting
• Design Survey
• FAA Determinations and Filings
• Environmental Assessment
• Photo Simulation
• Feasibility Studies
• Structural Analysis
• Construction Drawings
• As-Built Survey
• Site Documentation
• Civil Engineering
• Project Management
• Construction Management
• Telecom Attachment