A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) involves the use of several antennas as opposed to one antenna to provide wireless coverage to the same area but with reduced total power and additional reliability. Often times a DAS uses RF directional couplers and/or wireless amplifiers to split and amplify the wireless signal from the source out to the distributed antennas. In many cases a DAS will use a combination of low loss coaxial cabling as well as fiber optic cabling supporting radio over fiber (RoF) technology to distribute the wireless signals to the antennas. A Distributed Antenna System can be designed for use indoors or outdoors and can be used to provide wireless coverage to hotels, subways, airports, hospitals, businesses, roadway tunnels etc. The wireless services typically provided by a DAS include PCS, cellular, Wi-Fi, police, fire, and emergency services.

“Instant and dependable communications are a critical component in protecting guests, staff and maintaining your property.”

Hospitality is an evolving industry with recent advances in wireless technology that require increased network connectivity and user bandwidth for LTE & 5G applications. In-building wireless networks and DAS technology are deployed by Continental Wireless and used by hotel guests, large meetings, conference attendees, as well as staff to enhance productivity and increase safety.

Resorts and hotels often need dedicated and more complex wireless connectivity due to their sprawling outdoor areas and large meeting spaces. Continental Wireless DAS has you covered from the lobby to the guest’s rooms, expansive convention and meeting areas, common areas, and everywhere in between.

Communicating with staff dispersed throughout a hotel, resort or retail location can be challenging. A hospitality DAS system provides reliable communications. DAS systems connect to nearby cell towers to provide seamless cell connections throughout a hotel, resort, restaurant, or retail location.

Versatile and powerful, our easy-to-use hotel and retail DAS systems integrate voice and data seamlessly and deliver critical advantages.


  • Increased signal coverage
  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Improved staff communications
  • Excellent connectivity for customers
  • Rapidly respond to incidents
  • Constant communications with cell phone-enabled equipment sensors
  • Connectivity for Internet-of-things (IoT) devices
  • Easy QR code scanning for customers
  • Convenient access to social media for customers
  • Lower overall power use
  • Can work with multiple carriers
  • Improved safety and task efficiency

Whether your staff is welcoming a group at the front desk or maintaining greens on the back nine, you can keep everyone easily and seamlessly connected with a DAS system from Continental Wireless.

Repairing/updating your existing radios is not only cost-effective but a faster option than ordering new equipment and fighting the supply chain issues we are all experiencing.

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Rita Weber has well over 30 years of executive management experience in the wireless communications industry. Our performance record speaks for itself! We work with many different vertical markets including Education, Business, Manufacturing, Transportation, as well as Federal, State, and local agencies both domestic and international.