Telex IP-3000 Dispatch Consoles

The IP-3000 series is the next-generation of industry-leading Telex IP-based radio dispatch consoles.


The IP-3000 series is the next-generation of industry-leading Telex IP-based radio dispatch consoles. Two form factors are available: the IP-3008 (eight lines) and IP-3018 (18 lines). Each is available in public safety, enterprise or standard configurations to suit the specific requirements of different dispatch verticals. Public safety and enterprise configurations are equipped with direct IP interfaces for interoperability with digital radio equipment, e.g. NEXEDGE®. Public safety-configured devices also offer encryption and compliance with the P25 suite of system standards. Standard configuration models connect to an external IP-224, making them a cost-effective choice for integration with existing Telex systems, and may be upgraded to public safety and enterprise configurations as needed. A two-channel IP-3002 model is also available in standard configuration (non-upgradeable), in the same form factor as the IP-3008.

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