Ritron – XT Series Heavy Duty Two-Way Radio Callbox

The XT Series callbox comes standard with a heavy duty, hi-visibility green, fiberglass enclosure, stainless steel face plate, tamper-resistant fasteners, aluminum and vandal-resistant push-to-talk button and built-in antenna.
Crisp, clear, long range voice communication allows staff and visitors to communicate with your analog radio equipped personnel from points near and far . . . on the plant floor, in the maintenance garage, at the gated entrance, the delivery dock or from the 9th Tee. Accomplish more with your 2-way radio system!


Analog Models
RQX-127M-XT Analog, VHF, 5 MURS Freqs, License-Free, 1 Channel
RQX-127-XT Analog, VHF 150-165MHz, 1 Channel 3
RQX-427-XT Analog, UHF 450-470 MHz, 1 Channel
Digital Models
RQX-417NX-XT NXDN Digital/Analog, UHF 450-470MHz, 6.25 KHz, 1 Channel
RQX-417DMR-XT DMR Digital Only, UHF 450-470MHz, 1 Channel
Keypad Models
RQX-127M-XT-KP Analog, VHF MURS License-Free, 5 Frequencies, 1 Channel
RQX-127-XT-KP Analog, VHF 150-165MHz, 1 Channel
RQX-427-XT-KP Analog, UHF 450-470MHz, 1 Channel
• PC and Field Programmable
• Vandal Resistant
• Hi-Viz Green, Reinforced Fiberglass Housing
• Stainless Steel Faceplate
• 1,000,000 Cycle PTT Button
• Built-In Relay For Access Control or Strobe Light Applications
• Sensor Input w/ Recordable TX Voice Message
• Recordable Voice Messages:
* Greeting Message – Plays on Speaker at Callbox w/ PTT
* Alert Message – Transmits to Radio-Equipped Staffff
* Power Fail – Transmits to Radio-Equipped Staffff
• Battery Powered (Alkaline) or External Power Capable using
optional RPS-EXPO
• Designed and Made in the USA
Analog Model Features
• Selective Signaling – CTCSS & DCS Encode/Decode, DTMF
Encode/Decode, SelCal Encode/Decode, 2-Tone Decode Only
NXDN and DMR Model Features
• Simplex and Conventional Repeater Operation
• Unique ID/All-Call/Group Call ID’s
• NXDN RAN Codes or DMR Color Codes
Entry Keypad Features
Vandal Resistant – Stainless Steel Weather Resistant Design
• Programmable – Add, modify or delete user codes from entry pad
• Illuminated Keypad – Allows easy use of keypad at night
• Audible feedback on key presses
• 502 possible codes – 1 Temporary, 1 Master code
• Variable length codes – 3 to 8 digits
• 5 VDC or 12-24 VDC Input Voltage (Keypad only)


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