Ritron-XD Series-NXDN Digital/Analog Callbox

Ritron callboxes provide crisp, clear, long range voice communication with your existing two-way
radio network. They are used in a variety of industries as a way for customers, employees, or visitors to communicate with your onsite personnel, central office, or security staff


Includes: Built-In Relay Control, Recordable Voice Messages and Dry-Contact Switch Input
RQX-117NX VHF 150-165MHz (Part 90) NXDN™ Digital/Analog, RELAY, Hi-Viz GREEN
RQX-117NX-BLK VHF 150-165MHz (Part 90) NXDN™ Digital/Analog), RELAY, BLACK
RQX-417NX UHF 450-470MHz (Part 90) NXDN™ Digital/Analog), RELAY, Hi-Viz GREEN
RQX-417NX-BLK UHF 450-470MHz (Part 90) NXDN™ Digital/Analog), RELAY, BLACK
RQX-417NX-XT UHF 700mW NXDN Digital w/relay & voice storage. Vandal Resistant
• NXDN™ Digital Only (6.25KHz) or Analog (12.5KHz) Voice Capability
• Built-In Remote Control Relay Ideal For Access Control Apps
• Recordable, Stored Voice Messages
• Dry-Contact Input for optional sensor trigger
• Battery Powered Capable (Auto-Off) or *External Power Capable
• Rugged, Polycarbonate Gasket-Sealed Enclosure
• Internal Antenna
• Vandal-Resistant, 1,000,000 Cycle, Aluminum PTT Button
• Analog Signaling: CTCSS/DCS, 2-Tone Decode, DTMF/Selcall
• Digital Signaling: 64 RAN Codes, Subscriber ID SUID,
Destination ID (Individual & Group Selective Call, All-Call)
• D-Cell (3) Battery Tray (batteries not included)
• Integrated Speaker & Microphone
• Hi-Visibility Green and Black Enclosure Color Choice
• Field-Programmable or PC Programmable
• Metal Wall-Mount Brackets (2), for flat surface, 4 Screws
• T-25 Torx Bit (hollow point type)
• Measures: 7” H x 5” W x 3” D
• 1 Year Factory Warranty.
• Designed and Made in the USA


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