Ritron LoudMouth Wireless PA/Mass Notification System

Stand-alone wireless PA/Intercom solution (does not include companion 2-way radio). Position 1 or more individual LM receivers and PA
speakers where needed. Allows authorized 2-way radios to access LM receivers to make PA announcements. LM receiver requires external
power for operation. Compatible with other brand 2-way radios, using the same technology (either Analog or DMR digital) and operating in VHF or UHF frequency band.


Analog Models Pro/Elite
LM-600Analog Analog Only, VHF/UHF, Dual Band Receiver, 1 Channel
LM-V150System VHF, Analog, LoudMouth System with NT-152M-GG-MURS Portable Radio
LM-U450System UHF, Analog, LoudMouth System with JMX-446D Portable Radio
DMR Digital Model
LM-700DMR DMR Digital Only
• Dual Band, VHF/UHF Receiver
• PC and Field Programmable
• “Live” Mode or “Record and Play” Mode
• Adjustable Speaker Volume (5% to 99%)
• Max Volume 95dB SPL@ 50 Ft.
• Recorded Message REPEAT Feature – Up To 4 Times
• Recorded Message DELAY Feature
• Visual Alert RELAY Trigger Feature – Requires Optional Strobe & Optional Cable
pn 60201136
• Switch Input with Pre-Recorded Message – Allows Optional NO or NC switch to
activate a recorded voice message played solely on single attached LM receiver/
• LM Receiver Supports Up To 2 PA Speakers – requires optional pn RYCONN
Cable and additional PA Speaker.
• Designed and Made In The USA
LM-600Analog Model Features Only:
• Signaling Decode: CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2-Tone or Selcall
• VHF NOAA Weather Alert Frequencies
LM-700DMR Digital Model Features only:
• Up to 4 Pre-Recorded Stored Messages – Selectively trigger each stored voice message
using a UID from the 2-way radio.
• Signaling Decode: Color Codes, SUID, Destination Type and Destination ID


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