Motorola Sold & Supported Voice Dispatch Solution

SmartPTT PLUS is a Motorola Sold & Supported voice dispatch and data application. Being Motorola Sold & Supported means that SmartPTT is tested and certified to work with Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems. Additionally, SmartPTT PLUS can connect directly to the master repeater or system server via an IP wireline connection, thus eliminating the need for gateways and control stations.
Customizable user interface to fit your needs
Communicate quickly and efficiently with all radios, groups of radios, or individual radios
Know the location (indoors or outdoors) of a radio user to provide faster response times during an emergency
Monitor the progress of assigned tasks through to completion to ensure tasks are done timely and accurately
Employee accountability using voice / event logs and reports
Labor and maintenance cost savings by efficiently assigning work tasks


SmartPTT is an integrated voice and data dispatch console software application that enables users of Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems to use the advanced voice call functions, GPS, texting and emailing functions, as well as offering a host of other features that expand on the capabilities of the radios such as job ticketing, voice recording, telephone interconnect and radio network bridging.
Using SmartPTT with your MOTOTRBO radio system will help you increase worker safety, work efficiency, worker accountability, cost efficiency, and provide seamless communications. Here’s how:

Worker Safety:

When a radio user is in distress, the user can push their emergency button or the man-down license in the radio can automatically trigger an emergency. Once that emergency is sent, SmartPTT automatically identifies the name of the user and their location (outdoors or indoors). This enables dispatchers to more quickly and accurately respond to the emergency. With the live mic feature, the dispatcher can gain situational awareness, so a more appropriate response can be organized.
Additionally, based upon location information from the radio, SmartPTT can automatically inform the radio user by text message that they have entered a hazardous work area. This text message can give the radio user instructions on precautions to take. If the radio user doesn’t key the radio or show GPS movement for a period of time, SmartPTT can alert the user to check in with dispatch. If the radio user is non-responsive SmartPTT can automatically trigger an emergency.

Work Efficiency:

SmartPTT provides the custom console, so that dispatchers can create the most efficient dispatch interface for their needs. This enables the dispatcher to clearly identify transmissions or to communicate easily with a talkgroup or multiple talkgroups.
At times you might need to interoperate your MOTOTRBO radio system to a non-MOTOTRBO system such as a public safety P25 system. SmartPTT’s cross-patching feature enables these incompatible radio systems to communicate efficiently.
With SmartPTT’s rules and alerts, SmartPTT can automate many actions that could possibly be missed by a dispatcher. For example, if using SmartPTT’s SCADA feature for remote monitoring and control, if a water tank level is too low, SmartPTT can automatically turn on a pump to return the tank to the desired level.
Job ticketing assigns work orders to individuals to ensure tasks do not fall through the cracks. This ensures that tasks are completed in a timely manner and increases customer satisfaction in a hospitality environment or decreases equipment downtime in a manufacturing environment.

Worker Accountability:

Do you need to know where a unit was located at a certain time, when an emergency occurred or to verify that a Job Ticket was sent? SmartPTT keeps a history of all events that occur within the system.
Do you have issues with horseplay by employees on your radio system? SmartPTT identifies which radio user transmitted and records the transmission as proof for administrative action.
A replay of a radio user’s location over a period of time can ensure the employee performed their route or was at a required location.

Cost Efficiency:

Using GPS or indoor location, dispatchers can make the decision to assign a task to the closest available worker. Rather than dispatching a worker ten miles away, a worker one mile away could be dispatched to the task. This reduces windshield time, thus being more efficient with your workers’ time, as well as reduces wasted gas and wear and tear on vehicles.

SmartPTT’s event log can provide proof against wrongdoing for litigation. For example, if a child is dropped off by a school bus and is injured by a car while crossing the road, the telemetry inputs can show that the bus driver had the stop arm extended and the flashing lights on.

Seamless Communications:

Whether by radio, telephone, mobile telephone, or PC, SmartPTT can bring together all of your communications. SmartPTT works with all types of MOTOTRBO radio systems including simplex through a base station, conventional through a repeater, IP Site Connect (IPSC), Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus (LCP), Connect Plus, and Capacity Max. SmartPTT PLUS can connect to the repeater directly with an IP wireline connection. This greatly reduces the implementation time and expense.
Elcomplus has sold SmartPTT in more than 70 countries around the world to many different types of radio users including Public Safety, Healthcare, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mines, Transportation (i.e. ports, airports, railways), Fleets (i.e. taxi, bus, etc.), Manufacturing, Security, Hospitality, Construction, Public Services and more.
Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration of SmartPTT to see how it can help you manage your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system more efficiently.

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