SL 7000e Series Portable Two-way Radios

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radios, you’re smarter, better connected and more productive. The SL 7000e Series is designed for the manager who needs complete control. With a slim and light form factor incorporating high performance integrated voice and data, these next-generation radios deliver smart connectivity to your organization.

Here’s what’s new in these next-generation radios:
-Integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down
-Bluetooth® 4.0
-Indoor location tracking
-Integrated Wi-Fi
-Over-the-air software updates
-Upgraded audio for greater clarity at high volume
-Improved expandability
-Increased UHF transmitter power for greater range

SL 7000e Series radios include:
SL 7550e:
Color display, Full keypad, UHF
SL 7580e:
Color display, Full keypad, 800
SL 7590e:
Color display, Full keypad, 900

Standard Package Includes:

  • BT100x 2300T mAh Li‐Ion Battery (PMNN4468)
  • Micro USB Charger, Non‐Vehicular (PMPN4009)
  • Pre‐Installed UHF 438‐470MHz (PMAE4077), UHF2 450‐490MHz (PMAE4091), 800 MHz (PMAF4017), or
  • Carry Holder (PMLN5956)
  • Quick Reference Guide/Safety Booklet (68009553001)


The MOTOTRBO SL 7000e Series is a family of DMR-standard slim and light portable radios that connects you with sophistication. Pocket- sized and with a smooth outline, the radios feature a full keypad and five-line color screen with customizable display schemes. A built-in vibrate function alerts you quietly when you need to be discreet, and a comprehensive range of audio accessories allows you to stay connected without disturbing your customers.
With a clear user interface designed to support productivity applications such as Work Order Ticketing, the SL 7000e Series helps your staff make the most of their work day. Voice Announcement and Text-to-Speech features allow you to monitor radio settings and text communications hands-free, and sophisticated scan functions keep you in touch with many teams at once.
With integrated voice and data, the SL 7000e Series delivers operations-critical connectivity. Bluetooth® lets you talk without wires, while also enabling precise indoor location-tracking. Powerful audio and advanced noise cancellation ensure your call is heard, even in noisy environments, and 280-character text messaging simplifies complex communications. Integrated Wi-Fi enables remote software updates.