Motorola Public Safety APX P25 Radios

Motorola P25 APX radios deliver what first responders need to increase their safety and improve their situational awareness.
Get the most out of your APX radio by extending its power and reliability with resilient APX accessories. They are the only
accessories tested and certified for use with APX radios. Our accessories endure rigorous testing to last longer and help keep
you safer. There’s simply no substitute for Motorola APX accessories.




The APX P25 mission critical two-way radio series redefines safety in portable communication. From the fire line to the factory line, APX puts the right device into the hands of the right user. Every feature and function is designed with its users in mind – from the rugged, easy to operate design to the loudest, clearest audio. The result is the ability to keep your people and community safer than ever before.
Extend the power and reliability of your radio with the only complete line of accessories designed, tested and certified for optimal performance with APX portables. This flexible portfolio offers solutions that meet your customers’ specific needs. This includes a robust and complete portfolio of remote speaker microphones including the XE Remote Speaker Microphone which has been designed specifically for harsh conditions on the fireground. And the APX Mission Critical Wireless portfolio delivers best-in-class Bluetooth® wireless designed specifically for first responders. While our IMPRES smart battery and charger solutions ensure your responders have a battery that is ready to go at the moment they need it.

Every Motorola battery, charger, audio accessory, carry case and antenna is best-in-class technology, designed and optimized specifically for your APX portable.
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