Motorola Nitro™ SLX 5000 CBSD

Don’t bring consumer broadband to a commercial site.Get lightning-fast, enterprise-grade broadband data flowing securely across every level of your operation with Nitro.



The compact SLX 5000 CBSD with an integrated antenna provides high-speed coverage in outdoor and hot or dusty environments, and is ideal for mounting to a pole or wall.

  • OnGo 3.5 GHz network compatible
  • Simple management through the Nitro Cloud Portal
  • 4G LTE data speeds
  • Simple deployment and installation
  • Dual Carrier for enhanced capacity and performance
  • Enhanced security with IPsec tunneling
  • Web-based management and control
    • Provision all infrastructure components (CBSDs, network hardware)
    • Register SIMs and radios; set up users and talkgroups
    • Fault manage and track network health status
    • Analyze data usage across the network
    • Create and manage portal accounts
    • Manage billing and subscription information


Nitro SLX 5000 CBSD Specifications 


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White Paper

Nitro SLX 5000 CBSD White Paper 


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