Motorola – LEX F10 LTE Device

Is your organization ready for the next generation of public safety? It can be. The LEX F10, offered specifically for public safety users, is part of a larger family of applications, accessories, and services from Motorola Solutions that give you a complete public safety solution.

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Built durable, your team can rely on the LEX F10 in the most challenging environments. It works with your existing fleet and management tools, so you can get up and running easily. It enhances the equipment your team uses today, so you don’t have to invest in new devices tomorrow. And it’s an AT&T-certified Band Class 14 device that’s compatible with the apps and connectivity solutions public safety professionals depend on.

Be ready to respond with the LEX F10.


Designed for public safety: Always ready

The LEX F10 is designed for use in tough, unforgiving environments. Rugged and reliable with a long-lasting battery, it won’t let you down. With an ergonomic design, dedicated push-to-talk and emergency buttons, and a familiar look and feel, the LEX F10 helps you respond to emergencies faster. Designed for use with gloves on and featuring loud, clear audio, the LEX F10 fits into your world. Not the other way around.

Simplified management: Easy to own, provision, and program

What good are great features if they’re hard to manage? The LEX F10 fits into your existing system, so it’s easy to own, provision, and program. Choose our Radio Management application or an OMA-DM interface, a cellular industry standard. Activate and provision radios through the Motorola Solutions portal, a simple web-based tool. Whichever platform you use, the LEX F10 adapts easily.

Integrated with your equipment: Work better together

Be better connected—and work better together. It should be the same with your equipment. Use the LEX F10 to control a two-way APX radio that’s secured to your hip or hidden inside a bag, giving you the ability to change channels, receive alerts, or just turn up the volume. Enjoy the wireless freedom of Bluetooth® wireless RSMs, headsets, and other devices. And connect at fast speeds over Wi-Fi—or even create an access point of your own.

Full solution: Everything you need

The LEX F10 is part of a larger productivity platform that will change the way you work—and work together. Use a wide range of Android™ apps designed and tested for public safety personnel. Take advantage of Motorola Solutions’ Public Safety Experience (PSX), a collection of software applications that do everything from streamline your workflow on the scene to assist with incident reports at the station. And talk seamlessly over radios, smartphones, and landlines with AT&T’s EPTT solution.