Kenwood Stargate 7000 Dispatch P25 Console

The StarGate 7000 Dispatch Console is EFJohnson’s
next generation console. It provides interoperability
through direct IP connection to P25 trunked,
conventional, analog, and Multi-Net® systems and
connection to other disparate systems through control


• IP based, fully distributed with no requirement for central
control equipment allowing extensive scalability and
expansion and no single point of failure
• Built in end-to-end encryption support (standard DESOFB and AES)
• P25 conventional and trunked operation
• Interoperability with disparate systems through EFJohnson
control station allowing group call, channel/zone change,
scan, and emergency operations
• Analog signaling with tone support including two-tone
paging, DTMF tones, and alert tones
• Built-in telephone interconnect and NENA operation
• AMBE+2 vocoder provides enhanced digital P25 audio
• Best-in-class voice clarity through custom audio
management hardware
• Superior audio fidelity through Bose® speakers
• Built-in equalizer to allow operator specific transmit voice
quality adjustments
• 10 speaker support

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