Kenwood Software Authentication Tool
KPT 300 LMC is a mandatory software package to
securely authenticate Kenwood radio programming
tool, software, and radio feature licenses.
Radio Feature Activation
300 LMC allows dealership driven radio function
update of Kenwood digital radios at your own pace.
Provides greater flexibility of dealerships’ radio
inventory to switch to different digital modes or
expand radio capability when needed.
Account wide Radio License Control
300 LMC provides secure account control with
account registration mechanism. Under same
account, multiple work stations can access to the
purchased Radio Feature license pool to activate
licenses to radios.
Online and off the network authentication
300 LMC requires online authentication but also
offers off the network authentication method in case
of needing field authentication where network
connectivity may be difficult.
For further details, download KPT
300 LMC from
MyTools > Product > Software. By installing the
software, you will find detailed operation and function
manual of KPT 300 LMC.