Over the air Programming
KPG 180 AP manages Over the air programming
procedure using various transmission methods via
base radio or direct IP connection to two way radio
Multi system and Multi protocol Support
180 AP supports up to 16 unique two way radios
systems from P 25 Conventional, NXDN Conventional,
NXDN Trunking, DMR Tier 2 Conventional, and DMR
Tier 3 Trunking systems allowing dealership to
manage multiple end users system from single
software tool.
100,000 manageable field units
180 AP supports up to 100,000 field units and its
program data.
Smart & Time Efficient Data Transmittion
180 AP tracks the change made to radio
program data. Upon transmitting over the air, KPG
180 AP automatically selects the changed portion of
program data and minimize the transmitting data so to
keep traffic low and fast.
ESN Validation
OTAP Batch Task Scheduling
Various Program File Activation Methods
(Auto apply, Next power on, User operation, time,)