Kenwood Kairos Repeater Simulcast Systems

Keep your teams safe and connected with KAIROS. KAIROS DMR Tier 2, Tier 3 and P25 simulcast repeaters are the perfect platform for any DMR application, from simple standalone sites to large nationwide systems.


KA-160 136-174MHz DMR/Analog/paging/P25 Phase1 Conventional
KA-450 400-470MHz DMR/Analog/paging/P25 Phase1 Conventional
KA-500 450-512MHz DMR
• KAIROS repeater supports Analog, DMR Tier 2 & Tier 3,
Paging (both Analog and POCSAG), and
P25 Conventional protocols. Automatically switches
between analog and digital modulation, according to the
type of incoming signal.
• The remote control tool also ensures secure
software upgrades, diagnoses IP backbone issues,
and continuously assesses the health of the entire
radio system. KAIROS also integrates directly with
3rd party network management systems using the
standard SNMP protocol.
• Compact and lightweight. Thanks to its
environmental robustness, KAIROS can perform in
harsh site conditions.
• KAIROS repeaters come standard with various
reliability schemes including automatic protection
schemes such as power range control, reverse
polarity protection, peak and transient handling,
soft start, current limiting and RF power limiting
• Fully IP-based distributed network architecture
supporting multi site, multi protocol network
solutions in multicast or simulcast mode of
• Provides RF backhaul among sites where the IP
backbone is not available, carrying analog and
digital signals. IP, UHF, and VHF links can be mixed
in a single network.
• Supports flexible redundancy design as
either 1+1 (Main + Standby) or with backup
Primary functionality (a Secondary station that
automatically replaces the failed main Primary,
restoring all network functions).
• KAIROS soft diversity receiver technology allows
for enhanced coverage and improved signal
reception in RF fading conditions.
Powerful Remote Control
Light and Ruggedized
IP Multisite Multicast & Simulcast
RF Linking
System Redundancy
Soft Diversity Reception

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