The NXU-2B™ expands upon JPS’ industry standard RoIP gateway to provide the most efficient means available to transport communications across any private IP network. Compared to its NXU® predecessors, the NXU-2B contains modern components as well as a set of features that support simple remote setup and troubleshooting of communications systems.
The NXU-2B connects communications equipment across an IP network using JPS RoIP technology. It is intended for use with radios or other four-wire devices and JPS products such as ACU® interoperability gateways. The NXU-2B supports multiple vocoders, offering superior audio quality with a minimal use of network bandwidth.



The Versatility of RoIP

The NXU-2B is designed for years of continuous operation at remote locations, supporting a wide variety of mission critical applications. These include bridging remote radio systems together as well as tying radios via IP to console interfaces or Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) platforms.
The NXU-2B plays a vital role in JPS wide-area solutions, such as this ACU-Z1 interoperability system. The product interfaces single LMR or other 4-wire audio interfaces to these systems using the JPS RoIP protocol. This allows these radios or other devices to communicate with all other members of the system.

Easily Deployable

Designed to provide a low-cost, flexible method for extending radio communications over existing network infrastructure, the NXU-2B is exceptionally versatile. JPS NXUs are deployed in everything from trunking to multicast applications, to leased line replacement and wide area interoperability solutions.
The NXU-2B offers superior audio quality with a minimal use of network bandwidth. Its browser-based user interface makes advanced optimization settings easily adjustable. This includes audio level, audio delay, and voice modulation recognition (VMR) in addition to voice operated transmit (VOX) noise detection or hardware unsquelch.
The NXU-R™ is a rack mount version of the NXU-2B that can contain from one to four NXU-2Bs. Due to its larger size, a larger power supply (48VDC) and a fuse have been added. Otherwise, each installed NXU-2B in the NXU-R operates exactly like an NXU-2B.

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