JPS Z-Series Controller

The Z-Series Controller™ creates a scalable interoperability system that is easily managed via its straightforward, browser-based user interface. Tying together the wide range of audio communications devices remotely interfaced to it, the Z-Series Controller enables audio sharing with all JPS RoIP products, such as the NXU-2B, the ACU-M, or any of the Z-Series products.
Features like simplified dispatch capability, monitoring by non-dispatch resources, and IP recorder integration provide enhanced functionality. They make the Z-Series Controller an adaptable solution to a diverse array of interoperability and communication uses.


Scalable Interoperability Solution


Manage Resources Wisely

Easily create and manage interoperability nets that cross-connect various RoIP/VoIP resources that are interfaced via IP to the Z-Series Controller. Examples of remote devices may be radio translated to RoIP using an NXU-2B, SIP devices backhauled through an RSP-Z2, MCC Console channels, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) talkgroups, and more. Once the remote resources are connected to the Z-Series Controller, the operator simply manages all net activity using the intuitive browser-based user interface.
A versatile light dispatch feature provides one- and two-way communication with any of the resources on the Z-Series Controller. Dispatch is recognizable in the user interface as a distinct area and can conveniently be minimized when not in use. Any resource can be designated the dispatcher, and dispatch audio remains separate from other net audio.

Monitoring and Recording

Independent of the dispatch area is a separate monitor area. Monitors provide one-way listening (or monitoring) of communications. Any number of monitoring nets can be created, each with a designated monitor and any number of monitored resources. Monitor nets, like the dispatch area, may be minimized for convenience.
Additionally, the user interface facilitates recording of net and dispatch audio. This function provides the operator the ability to stream conversations in interoperability nets or the dispatch area directly to an IP recorder for non-evidentiary recordkeeping and playback.


Z-Series Controller Specifications 


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Z-Series Controller White Paper

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