This incredibly versatile gateway allows a pair of radios, a pair of IP connections, or a radio and IP connection to be patched together and/or remotely interfaced to other devices.
Incorporating the JPS suite of radio interface algorithms and the ability to use JPS’ large catalog of radio interface cables, the RSP-Z2™ embodies all of the customer-friendly features and benefits you’ve come to expect from JPS.



For Any Gateway: from Simple to Complex

Multiple RSP-Z2 Gateways can connect to a single Z-Series Controller to create a wide area interoperability system. This is a relatively small system with different endpoints interfaced using RSP-Z2s. However, as many as 80 endpoints may be interfaced through a Z-Series Controller, depending on resource demands.
IP-based resources and backhauls from RSP-Z2 Gateways easily integrate into wide area interoperability communications streaming through a Z-Series Controller or ACU-Z1 modular interoperability gateway. These devices allow an operator to create interoperability nets, perform one- or two-way dispatch operations, or monitor resources easily.
Optional HC-128 and AES-256 encryption can be licensed on JPS Z-Series devices for JPS Bridge and JPS RoIP audio.


RSP-Z2 Specifications 


White Paper

RSP-Z2 White Paper 

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