JPS MCC Consoles

MCC™ Consoles are versatile desktop microphones that provide remote audio access to JPS systems. Use one as a dispatch interface, or to join an interoperability net.
MCC Consoles integrate easily with any of JPS’ Z-Series devices: the ACU-Z1, the RSP-Z2, or the Z-Series Controller. The embedded JPS Bridge protocol allows streamlined connection to these systems across an IP network, no additional gateway required.



Straightforward Integration and Control

Using the Z-Series browser-based user interface, each channel on an MCC Console is configured as a resource. Simply drag and drop any of the MCC’s resources into the dispatcher position on the ACU-Z1 or the Z-Series Controller user interface to listen to or communicate with any resource in the dispatch area. Other MCC channels can be bridged to other resources by placing them in a shared net. Audio shared between resources within the same net is isolated from the dispatch functionality; the dispatcher will not hear bridged resources and they will not hear the dispatcher.
The MCC-4 Multi-Channel Console combines functionality with flexibility. Here, the MCC-4 is interfaced into a Z-Series Controller wide-area system along with various resources from remote RSP-Z2 devices. One button on the console functions as the Dispatch Source, while another is bridged to other remote resources.

MCC Console Options

MCC-Series Consoles are currently available in single-channel and four-channel models. In addition to the desktop models, each is available in a wall mount version and a hardened version.
Customizable, the MCC Console has dedicated PTT button and volume control for each channel and also provides selectable hands-free operation. For the best experience, microphone, handset, or footswitch options are also available.
All configurable settings are accessible through the device’s browser-based user interface.


MCC Consoles Specifications 


White Paper

MCC Consoles White Paper 

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