Vast sectors of modern infrastructure rely on remote ICS/SCADA equipment, and much of it is IP based. This built-in reliance on the Internet may come with convenience, but it also comes with the rapidly mounting risk of hacking and cyber-attacks.
Until now, systems to protect IP-based SCADA communications have been expensive and only lessen, rather than eliminate, vulnerability to attack. Rather than trying to patch existing code or find other software fixes, IronGate® tackles the security problem head on. By providing a hardware solution, IronGate eliminates hacking.



Purpose-Built and Hardened

IronGate provides a truly unique solution. The IronGate system does not rely on standard networking methods for communication with SCADA equipment, nor does it rely on standard network security methods. IronGate is a purpose-built computing appliance with a custom Hardened Ethernet Interface (HEI) that is the system’s only connection to the Internet/network.
The IronGate HEI requires and supports only one protocol. This protocol is secure, encrypted, custom, and is used nowhere else in the world. IronGate Edge devices communicate with the IronGate Core server solely via the HEI custom protocol. Edge devices are also hardened; if tampered with, they will “brick” themselves and reveal no data.

Containing the Threat

IronGate provides two additional unique security features. Unlike typical IP-based systems, a virus cannot migrate from point to point within the IronGate system. And once the system is up and running, usernames and passwords (or other identifiers) cannot be used as an entry vector. Even a successful phishing attack to gain these identifiers will not aid a hacker.
The IronGate system is not only secure, it is also brand agnostic and scalable. Each IronGate Core can serve 100+ remote Edge devices, and each Edge device can handle hundreds of SCADA controls and sensors. This, within a broad range of legacy and new SCADA equipment.
IronGate has been red team tested by Cylance and FireEye Mandiant, and has also been successfully tested by CISA and by the Army innovation center at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

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