With JPS’ ACU-T™ Tactical Interconnect System, a radio gateway can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet almost any interoperability application involving radios and telephones and Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP).
The ACU-T provides tactical packaging for the proven ACU-2000 modular interoperability system. The flexible control and status monitoring options of the system make the ACU® products truly flexible and versatile. Interconnections between any of the system radios and telephones (and a local operator) can be initiated and terminated in a variety of ways. The six devices interfaced to the ACU-T (radios, telephones, and local operator) can be interconnected in any combination from three nets of two users, to a single net with all six users connected together.



Form and Functionality

The ACU-T’s keypad, handset, speaker, and LEDs allow full local control and monitoring of the interoperability system. The ACU controller and WAIS Controller software provide multipoint control and monitoring capability over a network. The control software and DSP algorithms allow the ACU-T to be optimized for best performance with connected radios or other equipment.
All of the interface features that made the 19″ rackmount ACU-2000 the industry leader in interoperability solutions are available with the ACU-T, including: a choice of VOX, VMR, or Hardwired COR, Digital Audio Delay, and COR Sampling to ensure that a false key or noisy signal can’t tie up a net.


ACT-T Specifications 


White Paper

ACT-T White Paper 

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