ICOM – X-Band Air Crossband Repeater

Communication just got easier with Icom’s X-Band Air repeater. The X-Band Air provides seamless inter-band communications between VHF or UHF frequencies and air band frequencies. This provides interoperability between ground crew and air crew for forestry, hospitals and oil rigs. The repeater provides full VFO capability in one box.


IAS X-BAND 50 AIR U Airband AM & UHF FM cross band repeater
IAS X-BAND 50 AIR V Airband AM & VHF FM cross band repeater
Frequencies: AV + 136-174MHz
AV +, 400-470MHz
Output Power: 50W (VHF), 45W (UHF)
Channels: 128 channels, 8 zones
Channel Spacing: UHF: 12.5kHz
Airband: 25kHz/8.33kHz
PLL Channel Spacing: 2.5, 3.125kHz
Display: LCD with 8 character alphanumericFull UHF & VHF analog & Airband AM interoperability
Configured to auto switch from AC to DC
Local controlled operation, can be used as a dual base unit
Programmable actions when a matched tone is received:
– Bell icon indication ON / OFF / Blink
– Answer back calls
– Beep sounds
– Scan Start / Stop
– Auto transmission
– Stun / Kill functions (prevents use of a lost or stolen)
10 scanning lists and Normal / Priority scan
Power ON password

Specifications/Data Sheet

X-Band Repeater Specifications


X-Band Repeater Accessories 

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