ICOM FR5300/FR6300 IDAS Repeaters

The FR5300 is a second generation IDAS™ repeater that builds upon the powerful product line with the affordable, low complexity digital simulcast capabilities and a new CPU/FPGA platform. Increase coverage with simulcast by adding repeaters to pair on the same networks.


FR5300 136-174 MHz analog/digital, 50W, IDAS Simulcast repeater
FR6300H 450-512MHz analog/digital, 50W, IDAS repeater
FR6300L 400-470MHz analog/digital, 50W, IDAS repeater
URFR5300 136-174MHz analog/digital IDAS repeater channel module
URFR6300H 450-512MHz Repeater module
URFR6300L 400-470MHz Repeater module
CW ID included
Automatic battery backup
DB-25 accessory connector
Internal space for duplexer & pre-selector
Fits 2 RF modules into unit
PTT priority setting
Low voltage alert
New CPU/FPGA Platform
RC-FS10 and VEPG4 Compatible
Digital Features:
• IDAS Simulcast (UC-FR5300 & CF-FR5300SC)
• IDAS Trunking-single or multisite (UC-FR5300 board & CF-FR5000)
• Receives analog and digital signals on a single channel
• NXDN® Digital Air Interface
• Strongest site search
• Firmware upgrade over IP
• Configuration over IP
• ±0.1 ppm high frequency stability with 1 pps signal

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ICOM FR5300 Specifications


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