David Clark Headsets Model DC 3690

Single Ear ULW for 3000 Series


Model DC 3690


  • Leatherette temple pad, incorporated with swivel hinge design, ensures optimal fi
  • Passive electronic design for low-noise environments
  • M-55 noise-canceling microphone ensures superior transmit clarity
  • Leatherette ear seal with slow-recovery ‘memory’ foam, coupled with an extremely lightweight and rest-on-ear headset design, affords countless hours of superior comfort
  • Low profile, Outlast® fabric head pad with vented design absorbs excess heat to keep you cool and eliminates ‘hot spots’
  • Lightweight alloy headband/suspension system and swivel hinge stirrup integrate a rugged, durable design with fully adjustable platform for personalized fit and
  • 5-foot coil cord

Model Information 
Part Number 43104G-02


DC 3690 Specifications 

Parts List/Accessories

DC 3690 Parts List

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