Continental Wireless, Inc is committed to Quality

We strive to earn your trust and business by consistently providing goods and services, on-time reliable support for you; our trusted partners.

We foster a culture of accountability that helps ensure our quality management system is continually improving to anticipate, meet, and exceed your expectations in everything we do. Our reputation represents our continued commitment to be your complete solutions provider.

In order to ensure that our quality initiatives drive continual improvements our management team is responsible for:

  • Providing the voice of the customer
  • Developing qualitative and quantitative measurements
  • Provide resources for continual improvement efforts
  • Empowering teams to make improvements
  • Monitoring performance and index scores to drive improvements

Our commitment is rooted in the promise to mobilize and connect people in the moments that matter, and to ensure our customers are the core of everything we do. All Continental Wireless employees are expected to perform to the absolute best of their abilities to provide you with the quality you expect from a trusted solutions provider.

Continental Wireless is organized for the challenges of tomorrow

  • Team Leadership
  • Sales and Field Operations
  • Product and Business Operations
  • Quality and Customer Service

Quality Management System

  • Continental Wireless quality management system is based on a process approach that has four main areas of focus:
  • Customer Requirements
  • Organization structure
  • Products, Services and Solutions provided
  • Applicable standard requirements

Our Customer-Centric Business Model defines our overall interaction of the processes throughout our organization – placing customer requirements at the center. Each function within the model implements and maintains relevant processes, and conducts reviews to help ensure that every process is operating in accordance with our Quality Management System and our customers’

The business model aligns our Management, Operating and Supporting processes to focus on external processes. Centered around our customers, it ensures we become your trusted partner by anticipating, meeting and exceeding your expectations in everything we do.

Develop: Prospect and Position

  • Research and Understanding Customer Requirements
  • Demonstrate Vertical Market Experience
  • Develop Potential Opportunities
  • Shape the Concept

Define: Align, Design and Validate

  • Map Support Teams
  • Customer Specific Design
  • Concept Approval Testing
  • Review and Refine

Deliver: Secure, Execute and Expand

  • Secure Commitments
  • Execute Deliverables:
    • Procure, Engineer, and Integrate
    • Install and Commission
    • Educate and Train

Management processes

As a Continental Wireless customer you have our promise that we will provide innovati9ve solutions that will help you mobilize and connect your teams in the moments that matter most. Our management processes set the overall strategy for the organization to ensure all teams are in alignment towards our strategic goals and objectives. They include:

  • Driving customer advocacy by actively listening to voice of the customers
  • Recourse planning and development
  • Performance reviews against objectives
  • Continual improvement through our Quality Management System

Operating Process

Develop: Prospect and Position

Sales and Field Operations teams are responsible for understanding out customers’ business objectives and challenges in order to develop opportunities for a successful relationship.

Define: Align, Design and Validate

Products and Business Operations works with our Sales and Field Operations teams to help ensure that Continental Wireless’ resources are aligned to uncover and provide customer specific solutions for all projects, including services and solutions. Together they work to help ensure customer requirements.

Deliver: Secure, Execute and Expand

Sales and Field Operations help ensure customer orders are received and verified prior to executing deliverables.

Supporting Processes

Methodologies and tools are used internally to drive the implementation of the Quality Management System and identify opportunities for continual improvement. These include:

Performance Management

This process is designed to align employees’ goals with Continental Wireless’ strategic objectives, as well as measure employees’ overall performance. The process evaluates the values and leadership behaviors that each employee is held accountable to.

Product Compliance and Product Life Cycle Management

These processes help or are designed to ensure that products comply with required specifications and standards, and that we have the necessary measures in place for continued improvement.

Quality Learning

Encourages employees to develop critical quality skills and improve overall quality performance.

Continental Wireless management drives implementation and continually improves its business processes, products, and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through the use of the following:

  • Continental Wireless’ Quality Policy
  • Customer feedback
  • Goals and objectives identified on performance scorecards
  • Management and operational reviews
  • Internal and external audits
  • Performance measurements and evaluations

Document Control

To support our Quality Management System, Continental Wireless implements a multipart document control structure.

As we focus on continual improvements, processes are established, implemented, amended, and withdrawn as required by the changing needs of the organization. Factors that influence change include:

  • Strategy and objective modifications
  • Legal requirements and risks: contractual, statutory, stakeholder
  • Technology needs

In addition to Sales and Field Operations and Product and Business Operations, there are specialized services to support the business functions in accordance with process requirements.