High Power Output For Exceptional Reach and Performance

  • 32 Channels
  • 50 Watts or 100 Watts
  • VHF: 134 – 160 MHz; 148 – 174 MHz
  • UHF: 400 – 430 MHz; 450 – 480 MHz
  • 6 Dual-Function Programmable Keys
  • FCC Narrowbanding Compliant

The VXR-9000 delivers the reliable performance and extended range needed. The slim-line design is crafted for easy installation and integration into most repeater sites.

Large Channel Capacity with Priority Scan

May be programmed with up to 32 channels and can perform in repeater or base station mode. Includes Priority Channel scanning for efficient communications monitoring.

Power Supply Backup With Alert
If DC power fails at the repeater site, the VXR-9000 will automatically revert to a backup DC power source if connected. Under backup DC power, the repeater will transmit an alert message to notify the operator that immediate attention is required at the repeater site.
Automatic Command Sequence Configuration
May be programmed to perform a five-step sequence of commands for certain operating events. For example, during a DC power failure when the repeater switches to a backup power supply, the repeater can be programmed to switch to low power and send a CW ID advising of the situation, etc.
Designed For High Reliability
The cooling fan diameter is 3+ inches and thermostatically controlled to ensure a stable temperature environment. Fan operation may be programmed for three options: off, continuous or temperature-controlled, depending on the application. A malfunction alarm is also included.
Simplex / Duplex Capability
The 50 Watt VXR-9000 is designed for simplex mode with single-antenna operation or full-duplex mode with the optional VXD-60 duplexer when optimal communications is necessary at all times.
FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
Meets the FCC Part 90 requirement for using 12.5 kHz channels by January 1, 2013.
Additional Features
• 47 CTCSS / 108 DCS Codes Encode / Decode
• CW ID Transmitter
• CW Message
• Multi-Tone Decode
• Compander Per Channel
• D-Sub 25 Pin Accessory Connector
• Automatic DC Backup Switching Alert
• EIA Rack Mount Size
Option Boards
• Voice Inversion Encryption and DTMF Paging
• Rolling Code Encryption
Duplexer Options
Available for 50 W model only.
Land Mobile Radio\Technical / Service Support\Manuals\Operating Manuals
VXR-9000-H_USA_EXP_OM_EN_2013 (321.74 KB)
VXR-9000_USA_EXP_OM_EN_2013 (391.71 KB)
VXR-9000E_EU_OM_EN_2015 (718.36 KB)
LMR\Sales Support\Spec Sheets – North America
VXR-9000 Series Spec Sheet – North America_Dec 2013 (664.42 KB)
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