BSC-5000Variable Base Communication Configurations for Greater Value

Use the console, combined with VX-5500 or VX-6000 mobile radios, to get a choice of bands and power ranges for just the right base station solution and maximum return on investment.

Built-In Power Supply
Contains 30 Amp DC power supply capable of delivering enough power to run 120 W Low Band when used with the VX-6000 low band mobile radio.
DC Power Back-Up Connectivity
Includes rear connections for a DC back-up power input to support your critical operations in case you lose primary power.
Loud and Clear Audio
Includes front-mounted 12W speaker for clear audio sound.
Additional Features
  • D-Sub 25 Pin Accessory Connector
  • Date and Time Indicator with Front Panel LCD Digital Clock

Land Mobile Radio Technical / Service Support Manuals Operating Manuals
BSC-5000_IM_EN 2012 (279.25 KB)
LMR Sales Support Spec Sheets – North America
Vertex Standard_BSC-5000 Spec Sheet – North America_Jan 2014 (256.60 KB)
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