Smallest Submersible P25 Portable Radio

  • FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
  • Field Programmable (VX-P829)
  • 12-Character Alphanumeric Display (VX-P829, VX-P824)
  • 3 Programmable Keys (VX-P821)
  • 7 Programmable Keys (VX-P824)
  • 9 Programmable Keys (VX-P829)
  • UHF: 380 – 450 MHz; 450 – 512 MHz
  • VHF: 134 – 174 MHz
  • 5 Watts
  • 16 Channels and 1 Group (VX-P821)
  • 512 Channels and 32 Groups (w/LCD) 

P25 Digital Mode Capabilities:
Expanded Signaling — Supports selective calling, Talk Group IDs (TGID), Network Access Codes, Individual ID lists and Paging Group lists for flexible communications.
Secure Communications — Options available to support both Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Data Encryption Standard (DES) as required by APCO Project 25. Additionally, multiple encryption keys can be stored in the radio.
Mixed Mode — Seamlessly switch between analog to P25 digital mode on each channel based on call type received and on programming for transmit.
Enhanced Voice Quality — Featuring the AMBE+2™ Vocoder, get exceptional voice quality in both digital P25 and narrow-band modes of operation. Suppresses background noise and improves clarity of radio transmission.
Connectivity Assurance — The RSSI indictor emits an audible alert when the receive signal strength drops to a level not suitable for reliable communications.
Additional P25 Mode Features:
• Caller ID Display (w/LCD)
• BCLO, TOT Functions
Intrinsically Safe
Intrinsically safe models are SGS certified to the requirements of ANSI/UL913 5th Edition for use in Class I, II, III, Division 1; Groups C, D, E, F, G; Temp T3C hazardous locations.
When Safety Counts – Never Be Alone
Includes Emergency notification that will switch to a designated channel and send an emergency alert for help.The radios also include Remote Monitor which lets you monitor the situation happening near a target radio if someone is unresponsive.
For enhanced user safety in analog mode, Lone Worker is a built-in timer that requires the user to reset at a predetermined interval. If not reset, the radio automatically switches to Emergency mode to alert help.
FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
Meets the FCC Part 90 requirement for using 12.5 kHz channels by January 1, 2013.