Smart Muff Wind Protector Kit

Ear Muff accessories


Product # : SMWS0001


The Smart Muff Wind Protector kit is used with Sensear Smart Ear Muff Headsets. These wind screens are use to replace old, damaged or missing wind screens on the 4 microphones on the ear cups. The wind screens help to reduce wind noise in SENS mode for face-to-face communication and situational awareness.

For use with SM1R, SM1B, SM1P, SM1PW, SM1P-ISDP, SM1PW-ISDP, SM1P-Ex, SM1PW-Ex, SM1P-ExDP, SM1PW-ExDP and Sensear’s previous headset models including SM, SM1, SM1x, SM1xSR, SM1xSR(IS), SDP.