Smart Muff Helmet Mounted Adaptor (Europe)

Headset replacement parts


Product # : SMHA0002


This MSA V-guard helmet adapter is used to attach the Smart Muff Helmet Mount to a hard hat. It fits mainly to European helmets of the following manufacturer series:

  • CIGWELD Cigweld
  • LAS LP2016 Saturno
  • PARAMOUNT Prochoise HH6, HHV6
  • PROTECTOR Tuffmaster II (Australia), Tuffmaster III
  • SAYLENS Magnum
  • JSP Blenheim, Executive 8, Surveyor
  • PROTECTOR Tuffmaster I (HC-41)
  • SCHUBERTH EuroGuard
  • PETZL Vertex
  • PROTECTOR Style 300, 600, 650
  • SOFOP (taliaplast) Oceanic II, Oryon
  • UNISAFE UniLite
  • VALLEN Valiant
  • AO
  • Domeguard

For use with [HM] (Helmet Mounted) versions ONLY of SM1R, SM1B, SM1P, SM1PW, SM1P-ISDP, SM1PW-ISDP, SM1P-Ex, SM1PW-Ex, SM1P-ExDP, SM1PW-ExDP and Sensear’s previous headset models including SM, SM1, SM1x, SM1xSR, SM1xSR(IS).