PMMN4071 – IMPRES Noise-Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone


Part #: PMMN4071A


This noise-canceling remote speaker microphone delivers audio that is clearer, more intelligible and up to 50% louder than XTS Series remote speaker microphones. IMPRES audio enables communication between the microphone and radio, optimizing the microphone’s speaker output and microphone sensitivity, resulting in more consistent output across all radio accessories.


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (inches): 1.0(W) 27.0(H) 2.5(L)

Performance Characteristics

Channel Control: NO


Intelligent Audio: N/A

Intrinsic Safety Rating: N/A

IP Rating Submersible: IP54

Microphone: 3.5MM NON-THREADED

Microphone Type: NOISE-CANCELING

Programmable Button: NO

Technology: IMPRES

Volume Control: NO