Motorola – OptiWarn™ control center – clear, continuous notifications

Easily customize and configure your siren network, access quick information via the map view and review reports and activation logs.

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Provide clear and continuous notification during an emergency

Reduce stress during emergency events with the OptiWarn™ Siren Warning Application. It is an optimized siren control application that functions as the foundation for the management and activation of all warning sirens within your organization.

OptiWarn™ is reliable, secure and presents an intuitive interface to emergency personnel.

Now you can easily customize and configure your siren network, access information quickly and easily and review reports and activation logs.  With event-specific emergency communications sent to targeted audiences, messages are more effective to help keep your community safe.

Siren Map Screen
Operators can see the general siren status, check the individual status of each siren, activate the sirens, as well as scroll through any current alarms. A legend is available for siren icons color codes.

System Manager Access
Create roles to differentiate operators from system managers who can acknowledge all current alarms, add, remove, modify users, access additional administrator functions and provide site diagnostics.

Single Site Status
Right-click on a specific siren for detailed information. Siren number, name, address and GPS coordinates are displayed on a pop-up window alongside the icon which is plotted on a map.

Manager Zoom
Make changes to the siren number, name, location, and GPS coordinates, plus add/remove, associated sites from any of the pre-defined zones.

Adjustable Site List
Siren indication,siren name, and siren location are adjustable and allow the System Managers to change existing siren information, but also add sirens to the system.

Alarm and Event Logging
Provide enhanced alarm and event logging with advanced grouping, prioritization, sorting and logging. Perform queries to search specific date/time ranges and create reports.

Reporting and Logging of Alarms/Events
Capture and share essential forensic information from activations and monthly tests as well as availability status from ongoing heartbeat communications.

Polygon Activation
Operators can enable Polygon mode, easily grouping sirens to test or activate. Drag any of the polygon vertices to make adjustments and select any additional sirens prior to activation.

Siren Command Logger
Operator can access the last 100 siren system activations. Each activation is time and date stamp logged with sequence performed, duration, number of sirens activated, sequence ID.

Automated Activation Scheduler
Schedule automated activations from the control center. The configuration options provide extensive possibilities: daily, weekly, weekday, weekend or monthly schedules.

Siren Functional Testing
Supports a wide variety of tests suited for each siren type. These can include silent amplifier tests for electronic sirens, short growl tests or non-audible rotation tests for mechanical sirens.

Adjustable Command Sequence Names
View and adjust Siren Command Logger. With appropriate access, operators can change the names of the command sequences.

Zone Configuration
Easily reconfigure zones by moving sites in and out through the manager zoom screen.

External Alerting System Interface
Have access to external alerting systems for visibility to weather alerts, facility SCADA system, etc.

Mass Notification
Send alerts and updates to critical audiences via multiple communication methods such as text messages and email.

Role-based User Interface
Filter the OptiWarn interface based on the user role to provide an effective common operating picture to collaborate.