Motorola MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console

In tandem, a flexible, versatile, and scalable digital logging solution is being introduced. The logging solution provides audio quality equal to that of the MCC 7500 operator position and is compliant with Motorola’s network security and quality requirements.

To enhance cost savings and system interoperability, the MCC 7500 Consoles and logging participate fully in Agency Partitioning. This allows departments and agencies to share a system, yet manage and maintain control over their own talk-groups, encryption keys and configuration data. In addition, a new approach to database configuration and fault management enables the system’s network manager to configure and manage console and logging positions. This centralized approach, with changes automatically distributed throughout the system, provides vital efficiency.

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Motorola MCC 7500 Features

Connect to More Information and Better Inform Those in the Field

Seamlessly integrate the MCC 7500 console with the following applications and more to streamline operations and provide better support to the field

  • Advanced Messaging Solution
  • PremierOne CAD
  • MotoMapping
  • Motorola Certified Logging Recorders
  • Other Third Party Applications Via API

Intelligence to Those Who Need it – How They Need it 

Effectively coordinate a response with high quality voice and tone communication over your ASTRO 25 trunked and conventional systems. When voice is not an option send critical incident information via Talkgroup Text Message to make sure those in the field are always informed.

Because Ease of Use Makes for More Effective Support

Based on a modernized, intuitive approach to the legacy Gold Elite graphical user interface (GUI), the MCC 7500 console GUI minimizes training time and is easily adoptable by new and veteran dispatchers alike. Purposed-design workflows, critical resource information displays and contextual right-click menus make operation feel natural and increase efficiency.

Tailored to Your Agency and Even Individual Dispatcher Needs

The MCC 7500 console conforms to your organization’s operations. Maintain the look and functionality that you have become accustomed to with flexible window sizing and placement, resource coloring and customizable icons.

Ensure the Right Information Always Gets Through 

A single critical operational detail has the potential to change the trajectory of your response within a single moment. To never miss a detail, rely on our smart voice prioritization and intelligent audio routing capabilities at your dispatch positions.

Built on the ASTRO 25 Foundation of Security and Reliability

The success of your operations relies on the communication of often-times sensitive information. End-to-end encryption protects information in transit and agency partitioning goes a step further to help maintain autonomy of communications within a single system. Furthermore, reliability features like link and resource polling, coupled with the inherent reliability of your ASTRO 25 system, ensures that critical information can always be communicated to the field.

Flexible Deployment and Management Means Greater Affordability

To ease your console transition, the MCC 7500 console can interoperate with legacy ASTRO 25 console systems for an incremental deployment. Flexible installation of the Voice Processing Module (VPM) eases maintenance and minimizes your physical footprint for added cost-savings. As a primarily sofware-based solution, feature and release updates are all capable from a centralized, single point of contact.