When you need full, remote control over a variety of radio systems through a single deskset, choose the MC3000 Deskset Controller. This digital remote can remotely control all radio functions and frequencies of the following radios: MCS2000 Model III or ASTRO Consolette. The MC3000 works in both conventional and trunked analog systems. Up to 31 of these units can be operated in parallel.

Compatible radios include: MCS2000® Model III, ASTRO® Digital Consolette W9, CDM Series Radios, iDEN® r750, and MTM700 Databox/ Motorcycle models.

MC3000 Deskset Controller Features

Supervisory takeover – The unit designated as supervisor is given priority over all other MC3000 controllers, allowing priority messages to get through.

Intercom – Allows desktop controllers to communicate with and monitor other remotes without keying the radio channel. Operators can have conversations without disturbing field users.

Automatic line leveling – Compensates for variations in the phone line and squelches background noise. Maintains clear, consistent volume levels without manual adjustment.

Parallel status updating – All parallel controllers are automatically updated when any single controller changes status. All users have the ability of monitoring the current system status.

MC3000 Downloads