Motorola – MC-Edge™ Intelligent Gateway

Extend protection to the edge with MC-Edge

As the hub for seamless IoT connections, MC-Edge gateway is P25, LTE and LoRa ready, capable of handling inputs from hundreds of low-power wireless sensors up to 10 km. And with extensive security and ultra-reliable communication capabilities, MC-Edge makes it easy to implement, support and grow your IoT systems to fully support all your mission-critical operations.

This intelligent gateway protects your sensitive data from cyber attacks with end-to-end encryption. Full authentication, bulletproof access control and digital signatures keep your information safe.

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Role-based Access Control
Verify access to an MC-Edge is legitimate from both other edge devices or system users with authentication. Assign specific roles and permissions to perform certain operations based on those roles (i.e., security admin could define roles and assign permission to each user.)

Data-at-Rest (DAR) protection ensures all sensitive data stored on devices or applications is encrypted with FIPS 140-2 validated AES 256 bit encryption significantly reducing the threat of lifting confidential data from compromised devices. Secure data in transit with end-to-end encryption with AES 256 bit encryption.

Permit or deny data transmission into your system or device based on rules and established criteria. All IP messages must pass through a firewall which examines each one and blocks those not meeting security criteria.

Monitor suspicious activity such as deviations from the set security policy. Any attempt of unauthorized access to a secured MC-Edge will be blocked and logged. The security log is encrypted and saved in FLASH memory to prevent malicious alteration and can be retrieved for forensic purposes after the event.

Time Window Commands
Add additional layers of defense to limit the risk of replay attacks such as a disgruntled employee with legitimate access. Timestamps are added to the command messages. The subsequent “action” must be received within a designated time and contain elements that match – otherwise the action will be rejected.

Intrusion Detection
Automatically look for malicious activity or violations of security policies. The MC-Edge will only allow legitimate traffic to enter and block malicious activity. Unauthorized activity is logged and can be reported to a designated control center.

Unused Port Deactivation
MC-Edge enables unused ports to be disabled, reducing its vulnerability to unauthorized access.

Network Ready
As the hub for seamless IoT connections, MC-Edge is P25, LTE, and LoRa ready, capable of handling inputs from hundreds of low-power wireless sensors up to 10 km.

Edge Computing
The MC-Edge is a Linux-based machine which provides the ability to deploy software at the edge using its C, Python, IEC61131 Software Development Kits.