Icom BC-197-02 Multi-Unit (6) Desktop Charger


Part # : BC197 02


The Icom BC-197-02 multi-charger is great for those that need to charge several radios at a time and to also keep them organized. If you are tired of messing with several individual chargers and all of the power cords, this may be the solution you need. At a glance you will know how many radios you have available, and which ones are charged and ready for use.


Product Information

Charge up to 6 radios at once

Includes power supply (BC-157S 100-240V) and power cord

Designed specifically for charging Ni-MH batteries

Charge battery packs with or without the radios

For Icom IC-F3001, F4001, F3003 and F4003 DTC radios only