DMR Extended Network Management System(XNMS)

XPT Network Management System (XNMS) is a PC-based application designed for monitoring and controlling all repeaters registered in the XPT/IP Multi-Sites/Single system. XNMS enables you not only to diagnose the repeater remotely and take troubleshooting measures, but also to make statistics and query the services conducted in the XPT/IP Multi-Sites/Single system for a certain period of time.

Software features

  • Flexible management of configuration files and firmware package.
  • Monitor and Diagnose repeaters’ state in the system, and immediately know about the repeater alarm.
  • Monitor all the services in the system and know about the usage of each repeater.
  • Configure repeater remotely.
  • Query the alarm history.
  • Query the detailed service data.
  • Statistic repeater service data.
  • Export repeater service data to excel file.
  • Support alarm mail that can inform repeater alarm and online/offline info to customer.