Remote Speaker Microphone (with emergency button)


Part # : SM26N1


Compact, rugged and IP67 compliant with emergency alarm capability remote speaker microphone ensures excellent performance in challenging environments.


Technical Specifications

Microphone sensitivity -42dB ±2dB @1KHz, PTT cycles ≥100000, speaker sensitivity 97dB ±3dB @300Hz to 3KHz average, impedance 20Ω ±15% @1.5KHz, rated power 2W, maximum power 3W


Accessory for Hytera-PD502i UL913, Hytera-PD602i, Hytera-PD602i UL913, Hytera-PD662i, Hytera-PD662i UL913, Hytera-PD682i, Hytera-PD682i UL913, Hytera-X1ei, Hytera-X1pi