Developed in compliance with the ETSI DMR standard, the Hytera SmartDispatch application is an efficient communication and support tool to manage and direct all of your DMR conventional Tier II radio subscribers. With its client-server architecture, modular design and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) support, SmartDispatch offers you the latest dispatching features in one software solution.

Flexible System Deployment

The Hytera SmartDispatch system is IP-based with a modularized design, and delivers an enhanced dispatching and deployment platform with tailored communications tools such as remote monitoring, voice record, and geofencing. It can be configured as a small single-site system, up to a large multi-site, cross-country network system. All configurations can easily be managed through a remote configuration tool.

Versatile SmartDispatch Functions

In addition to linking mobile radios, repeaters can also be added via IP in order to use the system as a radio dispatcher. This delivers an IP dispatching system, enabling network-wide voice recording and direct control of the repeater time slots.

Users have the option to choose their own preferable mapping engines based on their specific usage requirements. These mapping engines include; Google Maps, MapInfo, Google Offline Map, etc.

Based on each customer’s needs, each dispatch client access level can be assigned to selected radio units, or the entire fleet, and can also be assigned to specific sites or any site in the system.

The Hytera SmartDispatch System console supports multiple views and screen splitting across displays so that all the information you require can be seen at a glance. This feature avoids dispatcher users having to switch between different views during their operation.

Hytera SmartDispatch System is ideal for global customers as the application supports multiple languages. The display language can be switched easily from the dispatcher console interface without needing to reboot the application.

Compared to most GPRS-based solutions, Hytera SmartDispatch relies on the DMR communication network for GPS location instead of the GPRS protocol. That means there is no recurring monthly fee for data.

Software features (R4.5)

  • Register online/offline
  • GPS location
  • GPS history play
  • Call control (private/group/all)
  • Voice recording
  • SMS message
  • Enable/disable
  • Emergency alarm
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Basic report
  • SIP Phone access
  • Email access
  • User management
  • Over the air programming (OTAP)
  • Telemetry
  • Voice encryption
  • Speed alarm
  • Time message
  • Quick GPS
  • Google offline map
  • Mute group