Portable, outdoor DMR Repeater

The Hytera RD962i is the first digital/analog repeater that is suitable for outdoor use. Compact and lightweight, the RD962i can deployed quickly and carried in a backpack (optional), mounted on a wall, or installed in an equipment rack.

Radio features

  • Slim and Portable (the device is less than 2 inches tall and weighs less than 11 pounds)
  • Optional nylon backpack (NCN010) makes this an excellent portable repeater
  • 100% continuous duty cycle from 1W to 10W
  • Supporting two simultaneous voice paths in digital mode
  • Auto detection between Analog mode and digital modes
  • IP67 compliant
  • Supporting optional build-in mini duplexer, RD96X can be slimmer in size
  • IP site connect (digital mode only) (optional)
  • Supportting optional External 10Ah Li-Ion battery that support at least 8 hours when working at 50% duty cycle and high TX power
  • Supporting operation in Analog and digital mode
  • Repeater Diagnostic and control (RDAC)
  • External power supply, Emergency Port on battery