Communicate effectively in high-noise environments


Whether on a construction site, in a loud manufacturing facility or in a busy warehouse, two-way radios help keep your operations running smoothly. MOTOTRBO radios offer a noise suppression feature to help communications in loud areas. However, in some extremely loud environments, it is difficult to hear your radio conversations without a headset. The heavy-duty headset has been designed to offer high clarity audio with the additional hearing protection necessary to provide consistent, clear, two-way radio communications in harsh, noisy environments.


Key Features:

  • Harmful sounds from external sources, such as jackhammers or heavy machinery are suppressed to safe levels, Noise Reduction Rating – 24dB
  • Noise-canceling boom microphone minimizes external noise when communicating with other employees in loud environments.
  • Comfortable, behind-the-head band with adjustable over head strap provides a secure, flexible fit necessary for wear during long shifts. Also designed to be worn with a helmet or a hardhat.
  • Push-to-Talk button located on earcup for easy communications access. Radio can remain under a jacket and protected from the elements.
  • Voice Activated Capability (VOX) enables hands-free communication critical in harsh working conditions when used with compatible radios*.
  • Earseals are filled with a liquid and foam combination to provide excellent hearing protection from outside noise as well as comfort for extended wear.

*VOX must be enabled in the radio programming software and
activated via a programmable button on the radio.


Part Number: PMLN5275
Product Description: Heavy Duty Headset with Boom Microphone
Compatible Radios: XPR™ 6300, XPR 6500, XPR 6350, XPR 6550
Microphone Sensitivity: -43dBV min to -35dBV max at 1kHz (-39dBV typ)
Frequency Response Range: 100Hz to 10000Hz
Speaker Impedance: 240 Ohm min to 360 Ohm max (300 Ohm typ)
Average SPL: 300-3000 kHz at .387 Vrms input, 81dB min
Distortion (THD): 10% max
Headband: Behind-the-head band, with over the head adjustable strap
Weight: 563 grams / 19.9 ounces
Push-to-Talk: Button on the earcup
Receive Via: Dual-Muff Earcups
Transmit Via: Boom Microphone
Power Source: Radio Battery
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +75°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity: 90% – 95% relative humidity, 30°C to 75°C relative temperature for 15 x 24 hour cycles
Salt/Fog: MIL810F Method 509.4
Vibration: MIL810F Method 514.5 Procedure 1 Category 24
ESD: IEC/EN61000-4-2
Regulatory: FM, CE
EMC: EMC Radiated Emissions: EN300-086-2 v1.1.1;


EMC Radiated Immunity and ESD: EN 301 489-1 v1.6.1, EN 301 489-5 v1.3.1

*Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications shown are typical. Before using this headset, please the review the appropriate safety regulations in the TwoWay Radio RF and Safety booklet (6881095C98).