For student transportation, MOTOTRBO applications offer enhanced safety and accountability. Fleet management applications allow you to track school vehicle data such as route adherence, schedule adherence, current location and current speed. You can also track events such as engine on/off, door open/close and lights on/off. When interfaced with an on-board RFID identity badge reader, you can even use your MOTOTRBO system to register students as they enter and leave the bus.

Giving you centralized control of your staff, these applications offer customizable user interfaces to allow your dispatcher to coordinate your staff efficiently and effectively. They also enhance business connectivity by allowing telephony interconnections and multi-system patching.

These applications work behind the scenes of your MOTOTRBO network to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your system. Interfacing to a Work Order Ticketing system, managing alarms and telemetry, and connecting to other messaging systems, they bring significant benefits to your institution.

Track your vehicles and your staff for improved safety, security and accountability. These applications allow you to make the most of MOTOTRBO’s GPS capabilities, and some even offer indoor location tracking capabilities.