Model DC 6290-M


Product # : 43104G-05


DC 6290-M Headsets are designed to provide crisp, clear communications and superior comfort, ideal for use in airports, UAV control shelters, data vans, dispatch, ATC applications with use of C62-USB cord.

The Model DC 6290-M is a single-ear, over-the-head style headset with a supra-aural design (rest-on-ear, as opposed to circum-aural), capable of affording comfort and communication clarity. It features the new M55 electret microphone, delivering superlative speech intelligibility.

Metal alloy hardware is used for a rugged, yet lightweight headset platform. Comfort features such as leatherette head- pad and ear seals with slow-recovery ‘memory’ foam are specifically chosen for exceptional comfort over long periods of time.

With it’s full feature engineering and ultra-lightweight design (6.3 oz.), the DC 6290-M provides the ultimate in performance, comfort and communication clarity for a wide variety of applications.


Single Ear ULW for 6200 Series

  • Leatherette temple pad, incorporated with swivel hinge design, ensures optimal fit
  • Passive electronic design for low-noise environments
  • M-55 noise-canceling microphone ensures superior transmit clarity
  • Leatherette head-pad and ear seal with slow-recovery ‘memory’ foam, coupled with an extremely lightweight and rest-on-ear headset design, affords countless hours of superior comfort
  • Magnesium Alloy headband/suspension system and swivel hinge stirrup integrate a rugged, durable design with fully adjustable platform for personalized fit and comfort
  • Provides superior comfort and performance over long work hours
  • Compatible with all C6200 cords including C62-USB
  • Requires U6210 inline PTT body switch in order to have PTT functionality.

Features and Benefits

  • Single ear, compatible with all C6200 radio cords, for use in dispatch/ATC applications with C62-USB
  • M55 noise-canceling microphone for superlative speech clarity
  • Full flex mic boom, 280° rotating for perfect mic placement on left or right side
  • Dynamic earphone provides excellent reception quality
  • Leatherette head-pad and ear seal with slow-recovery ‘memory’ foam provides the ultimate in comfort
  • Metal alloy hardware designed for ultra-lightweight, yet rugged, reliable construction
  • Adjustable headband/suspension assembly and swivel hinge stirrups ensure a perfect, personalized fit
  • Made in the USA

Technical Data

  • Weight (w/o cord)
    • 6.3 oz
  • Dome Type
    • Supra-aural (rest-on-ear)
  • Hardware
    • Lightweight alloy
  • Ear Impedance
    • 200Ω, (+/-10%)
  •  Ear Freq Response
    • 12-15kHz
  • Mic Sensitivity
    • 6.2mV +6/-2 dB into 4.7k-ohm load re: 94dB SPL ¼” 1kHz
  • Mic Impedance
    • 4.7k nominal
  • Mic Freq Response
    • 100Hz – 10kHz
  • Mic DC Supply
    • 5-15 VDC
  • Source Resistance
    • 4.7k nominal
  • Operating Temp.
    • -20°C to +55°C
  • Connector Type
    • Hirose
  • Connection Cable
    • 0.155” (4-mm) OD shielded
  • Cable Length
    • ~9” straight cord