Fully Integrated Solution for Commercial Environments 

Avtec’s Scout™ is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) wire‐line console intended for commercial and operation‐critical Connect Plus trunking systems. Avtec Inc. is a technology leader for dispatch consoles with over 30 years of history designing and implementing dispatch console solutions all over the world.

As a qualified MOTOTORBO Application Provider, Avtec has enhanced their Scout console to integrate it with Connect Plus systems as part of the MOTOTRBO Application Development Program.

Key SCOUT console system features include:

  • Scalable architecture from 1‐60 console positions
  • Dedicated media workstation for console audio
  • True IP architecture
  • Customizable graphical user interface
  • Supports live system updates
  • Integrates with third party CAD
  • Integrates with SIP telephone systems
  • Integrates with IP‐enabled logging recorders

Visit for literature information on Avtec Scout console for Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus, and Capacity Max systems.