You want communication to be continuous – especially during a high-speed chase or lifesaving helicopter rescue. You depend upon every word being heard and every message being understood, with sirens blasting, engines blaring and weather howling in the background. You count on controls that are easy to locate and operate when situations get stressful. And you expect a mobile so interoperable, your personnel can communicate seamlessly – no matter how many agencies or how vast the area.

Working with public safety personnel around the world, we designed the APX™ 7500 multiband mobile radio with these must-haves in mind. Whether you want instant interoperability, easy ergonomics or loud, clear audio, the APX 7500 delivers it all, everywhere you go.


Launching a covert operation or military response, you don’t want to operate two radios in order to communicate. And you don’t have to. The APX 7500 provides interoperability on demand performing across multiple digital and analog networks and operating in any two frequency bands(700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF R1 and UHF R2). Now your agency can rely on one cost-effective multiband mobile instead of installing and operating multiple radios.


Since vehicle space is limited and access can be difficult, we designed the APX 7500 mobile to fit into the existing install space of our XTL radios so you can use, install and remove it easily. You can reuse existing mounting holes and cables on the mid and high-power models. And a new high-power trunion design secures the mobile and makes installing easy— simply remove the radio without removing the cables.


Every APX 7500 radio is P25 Phase 2 Capable for twice the voice capacity. That means you can add more users to your system without adding frequencies or infrastructure. Not only does the APX 7500 meet current P25 standards, it’s backwards and forwards compatible and future-ready to support new technology and data applications. So you can upgrade your existing system or design a new one at your own pace.