Motorola provides the solutions for more efficient municipal, county and state governments so your residents can expect better service and faster response.

Video Security

Motorola’s video security solutions bring together a new wave of advanced technologies, transforming video security systems from the relative passivity of simple video surveillance to more active, more collaborative, more intelligent video security.

As part of the next generation of public safety solutions, Motorola’s video security platform will optimally share multimedia information between the command center and the edge to heighten situational awareness. Automated and intelligent video capabilities will translate information captured from video systems into real-time crime fighting tools, delivering expanded and enhanced functionality for rich media collaboration. Learn more

Leased Line Replacement

CIOs and network operators must continually optimize network performance, increase value, and extend network services to additional users while containing cost. Motorola’s reliable and versatile wireless broadband solutions are a smart investment as a replacement or alternative network that decreases the cost, deployment time and inconvenience of wireline networks. Governments, municipalities and enterprises can eliminate recurring leased line expenses, extend fiber networks to new places and provide access and connectivity for temporary deployments.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate telecom recurring leased line costs
  • Extend fiber networks to new areas without disruptive digging and trenching
  • Ensure business continuity during a disaster
  • Provide networks on demand for special events
  • Support voice, video and data on one network
  • Augment 6 GHz microwave networks with wireless underbuild solutions that increase performance and efficiency Learn more

Statewide Communication Systems

More and more states are making the move to statewide networks as they come to realize their existing networks are not only antiquated, but also less than effective in serving the needs of their officers and the public.

With a statewide network, it is possible for users to talk to each other from virtually anywhere within the state. By sharing a common backbone or infrastructure, government agencies, school districts and — if desired — the private sector can all operate securely, effectively and affordably on the same network. This interoperability enables many agencies and organizations to do much more than if they operated independently. Learn more

Computer Aided Dispatch

Better protect the public and first responders by quickly defusing potentially dangerous incidents with computer aided dispatch applications from Motorola. Whether you manage a single public safety agency, or need to share information between multi-agency/jurisdictional centers on a wide area network, Motorola has the computer aided dispatch solution to fit your operation’s unique needs.