Diversity Story


Continental Wireless as a Woman Owned Enterprise is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture. We have distinct differences, but our fundamental needs and wants as individuals are the same. We all want to be Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard.

We are proud of our companies diversity commitment. From the hiring process to vendor relationships we have diversity in nationality of people. Where each one comes from a place and a culture that helps us understand more the diversity of the constituency of customers we have.

Following good discipline of involving the entire team we have found collaboration between work groups yields major benefit. From making collective decisions and planning to helping us deliver critical projects. If everyone thinks alike then they all solve a problem in a similar way. If a problem is seen as difficult then it will be difficult for all team members. A true team is made up of people that think in different ways solving problems faster with more creative solutions. Having diverse backgrounds and cultures helps that process.

Continental Wireless is proud of our hiring practices as well as how we choose to work with the vendor relations. We strive to understand our customers business. We listen then assimilate what we’ve learned